Make Sure To Vote TODAY!


Our endorsements:

Mayor of Park Ridge:            Dave Schmidt

Park Ridge Park District:      Rick Biagi
                                          Scott Duerkop
                                          Pawel Matula

School District 64:               None of these

School District 207:              Marijo Bustos
                                          Eric Leys
                                          Margaret McGrath
                                          Edward Mueller

Police Station Ref. No. 1:      No

Police Station Ref. No. 2:      No

Irrespective of whether you accept or reject these endorsements, make sure you vote!

Polls close at 7:00 p.m. 


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I also voted “NO” on the Cook County sales tax referendum.

Just a reminder to vote “No”, “Hell No” and “NFW” on the three referenda.

Tell all your friends… I just heard from a voter who got confused and voted “yes” on the second police station referendum and didn’t want to. HEY FRANK WSOL! Congrats you idiot — you nailed one person. All because you wanted your little pet project to go forward.

Good point about turnout. Not much where I vote in the 4th Ward, although that might mean Frimark’s people aren’t energized.

That’s just what Wsol, Frimark and Swoboda are hoping for. Stupid voters who are easily confused, or who want to be “fair” and split the baby.

In the case of this voter it was not “fairness” but a concern that if one of the two referenda was going to win, it should be the one limiting the budget to something below $16.5 million. Still — it’s $16.5 million. Not exactly chump change, even when divided among all the property owners in Park Ridge.

Speaking of voters, any early word on the turnout? I hope it’s big, because I think a small turnout always favors the incumbent. And this incumbent better lose.

I took a walk by my local pooling place (Washington School) just after lunch. Even though I voted early, I took a look inside and there were only pool workers – no voters.

pardon the typo….pool = poll.

from what i saw at my polling place shortly after noon, and what i’ve heard from a few other people i have spoken with, turnout isn’t “bad” but not as much as it should be. i hope it picks up big with the after-work crowd.

I’m hearing turnout is low. If it doesn’t pick up big between now and 7:00 p.m., it may not look so good for Schmidt.

Come on, people!

Did I hear correctly that in past Park Ridge mayoral elections only about 850 votes were cast, and years that included a referendum the number of votes was somewhat better?


You heard wrongly, or someone spoke wrongly. 8,000+ votes for mayor in 2005, 4,000-5,000+ votes for uncontested mayoral elections in 1997 & 20001.

850 votes would be closer to some contested aldermanic elections.

God knows I do not want to jinx him but the fat lady is tuning up…..8:07 PM…..32 of 44 reporting and Dave is up by 700+. I don’t care what precincts are left. That is too many votes for Howard to make up.

How do you know he is up by 700+? Is there a website that posts as results come in?

anon 8:27 PM:

For your information and use in future elections, the Cook County clerk has a site that updates the numbers as the votes are counted. This would include virtually any race (not just mayor) as well as any referendum. The site is:

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