Hail To The Chief


This week the City of Park Ridge announced the appointment of Park Ridge resident Frank J. Kaminski as the City’s new police chief. 

Kaminski currently serves as the Director of Public Safety for Evanston Township H.S. District 202. Before that, he was the police chief for the City of Evanston.

He will be taking over a police department that has been factionalized and politicized in recent years, at least according to the $100,000-plus “Ekl Report” issued in 2008 following an “audit” of the department by Lisle attorney Terry Ekl and his staff.  That audit process pushed then-Chief Jeffrey Caudill into early retirement, even as it left many unanswered questions about police personnel, professionalism, staffing and operations.

We currently have no ability to speak to Kaminski’s police acumen, although we expect that a man who was able to work his way up from beat cop to police chief for a department the size of Evanston’s – with the more substantial and diverse issues such a department addressed on a daily basis – will be up to the task of commanding the Park Ridge force, in a community less than half the size and with far less crime.

We also like the fact that this selection appears to have been the decision of City Mgr. Jim Hock, without (so far) any hint of politics or cronyism.  Given some of the citizen complaints and the infighting that has been both reported and rumored in the PRPD in recent years, an apolitical appointment bodes well for the community as a whole. 

But what makes us most enthusiastic about this selection is his M.B.A. from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.  Imagine that: Someone selected to manage a city department who not only has a wealth of previous management experience but who also holds a graduate degree from one of the country’s most prestigious management programs.

The potential savings in consultant fees alone might be worth whatever we will be paying him.

So welcome, Chief Kaminski. You most certainly have your work cut out for you; but it looks like you just might be up to the task.  

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Maybe Kaminski can figure out how to cut some costs in the PRPD and make the hole operation more efficient.

Perhaps he also doesn’t have his eye on the mulit-million dollar (new police facility) prize either.

Maybe with his managment skills he can work with the current Mayor and newer city manager to utilize the courtland property.

Hopefully Chief Kaminski can figure out how to get people to stop at stop signs. It’s getting ridiculous. I actually had a woman wave me and my son back as she blatantly blew a stop sign. I know everyone hates to think that giving out tickets is a source of revenue for the city but tickets are the only way were going to change the attitude of drivers. I see a dozen or so people blowing the 4 stop signs on my kids route to school. 12 tickets X what? $50 X 180 day in the school year equals $100K plus. Do that all around the city and the budget deficit will be gone in no time and guess what our city streets will be safer.

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