An “Assgate” Anniversary


Exactly one year ago today Maine Township Trustee Kim Jones called Trustee Dave Carrabotta into a private one-on-one meeting in a room off the Maine Twp. board room and accused him of grabbing, groping, pinching, rubbing, stroking, swiping, brushing, ogling, or just thinking about Jones’ derriere.

What was the evidence of that grabbing, groping, pinching, rubbing, stroking, swiping, brushing, ogling, or just thinking about? Nothing other than Jones’ self-serving accusations.

But that didn’t stop Carrabotta from returning to the Board room in high dudgeon, announcing an unspecified accusation by Jones, and demanding a closed session discussion of that accusation even though nothing about it qualified as a ground for a closed-session meeting under any of the statutory exceptions to the Illinois Open Meetings Act (“IOMA”). And fellow “Reformer” trustees Susan Sweeney and Claire McKenzie indulged Carrabotta’s tantrum by supporting his improper closed session demand.

In the closed session Carrabotta reportedly demanded an investigation by the Township’s attorneys. And principal Township attorney Keri-Lyn Krafthefer was happy to oblige so long as her firm could conduct the investigation, notwithstanding that there may have been an appearance of impropriety, there may have conflicts of interest, there even may have been legal malpractice. And her firm did conduct the investigation, charged Maine Township taxpayers $38,000+ to find…nothing.

Jones, however, was not going to abandon her charade so long as she, Morask, their fellow RINO Township officials, Madigan sock-puppet Rep. Marty Moylan, and their unofficial public relations officer – Todd Wessel at The Journal newspapers – could keep thumping the #MeToo tub in an attempt to pressure Carrabotta into resigning. So Jones took her accusation to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions. That also got her nowhere.

So she conducted a tearful “press conference” outside Maine Town Hall and said she was contemplating suing Carrabotta in state court for something or other: Battery? Sexual battery? Aggravated mopery with intent to gawk?

A year later Jones has done nothing. Because Jones’ beef has been more of a show about nothing than “Seinfeld.”

We published a number of posts about what we labeled “Assgate,” including those on 07.17.2018, 08.06.2018, 08.07.2018, 09.24.2018, 09.29.2018, 10.09.2018, 10.15.2018 and 01.21.2019. You can read them if you want, but we don’t encourage it. The battle that we portrayed between what we called “The Reformers” (Carrabotta, McKenzie and Sweeney) and the RINO clown posse (Supervisor Laura Morask, Jones, non-Assessor Susan Moylan-Krey, Treasurer Peter Gialamas and Road Supt. Wally Kazmierczak) turned out to be little more than two tomato cans mauling each other for three rounds over a $20 purse.

Maine Township was, is, and always will be (unless the state legislature were ever to do something worthwhile and eliminate township government statewide) the fetid backwater, or the unwashed hairy armpit, of local government. EVERYTHING that goes on at Park Ridge City Hall, or with the Park Ridge Park District, or with Park Ridge-Niles School District 64, or with Maine Township H.S. District 207, or even with the Park Ridge Library, is more important than ANYTHING that goes on at Maine Township.

So don’t waste another moment of your time, your attention, or your energy on what goes on over there. It’s not worth it.

And while you’re at it, let the Illinois Republican Party/Stupid Party rest in peace, even though it may not realize that it’s been dead for years.

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